Top 5 Tips to Prepare for the New Semester

In my three semesters in college so far, I have picked up a few tips and tricks as I prepare for the new school year. These tips may be useful for any college student. College is tough, but with these skills you will be on the right track to ace your semester!

Top 5 Tips to Prepare for the New Semester
  1. Choose your classes wisely.

Many students decide to take classes simply because they “fit into their schedule.” But they run the risk of taking five extremely difficult classes. This can lower your GPA and increase your stress levels. When picking my classes, I always make sure to have a balance. If I’m taking two challenging classes, I will make sure to have at least two lighter ones to ensure I can keep up my grades. Also, taking classes you enjoy motivates you to get through the semester. For example, I chose a more difficult literature class since I liked the professor. The class was fascinating and I was motivated to succeed because I loved what I was learning. If you sign up for a class that you end up disliking, there is always an option to switch around your schedule. You don’t want to suffer class when there is a better option.

2. Research your professors.

I always like to learn a bit more about my professors before class begins. You can find out information from websites like “Rate My Professor,” or see reviews on your college Facebook groups. Talking to students who took the class before you is another way to get feedback. Don’t be afraid to ask for notes and tips on how to ace the class. If the professor provides you with an email address, contact them with questions or concerns.

Bonus tip:  Check your universities portal for important updates on the upcoming semester. Many professors will post information about and requirements for their class before the semester begins.

3. Sign up for a part time job or internship.

Many students do not take classes every day of the week. Take advantage of the spare time to make a couple extra bucks. Many colleges will pair up students who need to be tutored. There are many ways to make money on college. You’ll be happy to afford a good dinner instead of always eating cereal and ramen noodles.

4. Make sure to get some sleep.

This is pretty self-explanatory. When school is out for summer, I myself usually go to sleep after midnight and wake up around 8 or 9 in the morning. However, during the school year you’ll need to adjust your schedule since you may have to catch an early train or bus. Train yourself to be in bed by 11pm at least a week before the semester begins. This will help you wake up more efficiently once class begins.

5. Relax and rejuvenate.

This sounds insignificant but if you’re someone who always needs to maintain a busy schedule you’ll need to read this. Take a few days before the semester starts to not think about work or school. Go to the beach, have a day at the park. Maybe sleep in and make a nice brunch. Stress doesn’t help anyone.

I hope with all these tips you will be ready to take on the next semester. Good luck!

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