Mental Health

Top 10 Tips to Combat Burnout

Social workers spend a good part of their day addressing serious societal issues. From drug addiction to family dysfunction and generational poverty, mental health professionals are often shouldering the world’s problems. Social workers may feel… Read More »Top 10 Tips to Combat Burnout

Career Spotlight: Mental Health Counselor

What kind of professional training is required? To practice counseling in any of the 50 states, a professional license is required. In the State of New York, there are three professional counseling licenses, one of… Read More »Career Spotlight: Mental Health Counselor

4 Tips for Dealing with Depression and Anxiety

Here’s How to Reduce Your Stress Level and More While Successfully Completing Your Degree Whether you’re in college, grad school, or a professional program, it’s exciting and motivating to be working towards your degree.  It’s… Read More »4 Tips for Dealing with Depression and Anxiety