Jump-Start Your Career with These 5 Tech Trends

The world of technology and innovation is moving at an unprecedented pace, and it’s almost impossible to keep track. But most of the new breakthroughs fall under very defined and specific categories—a few of which are expected to fundamentally change the workplace as we know it.

Tech trends to jumpstart your career

In order to maximize and capitalize upon these hot new trends, you must first recognize and familiarize yourself with how they are expected to impact your career.

Here are 5 major tech trends you’ll be hearing of on an almost daily basis as you enter the workforce and develop your career.

HR Tech

In the “olden days”, the way people decided where to work was salary and compensation.  Today, top talent is paying close attention to company culture. What’s it like to work there? How are employees treated? Are people happy?

As company culture increases in importance, HR tech is there to support and enhance it. Whether it is employee engagement platforms, worker retention solutions, or internal communication products, today, what an employee does for the company is less important than what the company is doing for the employee.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) seems to be everywhere nowadays and, in this case, looks are not deceiving you. AI truly is everywhere, and it already affects so many aspects of our lives, something that will only increase in the coming years.

Contrary to popular belief, AI is not replacing humans anytime soon. It will, however, increase our efficiency and, as a result, our productivity.

In the coming years, we, the human race, are going to have to up our game and focus on more meaningful work, which is ultimately what will differentiate us from the “robots.”

Cyber Security

As the internet continues to dominate our world, it brings with it vulnerabilities and potential danger. Your organization, whether it’s a 5-person startup or a 500,000-person enterprise, is exposed to cyber threats that can easily lead to the complete collapse of the organization.

As a result, the cyber security space is a highly saturated one with thousands of companies taking on this challenge from a different angle.

Choosing your company’s cyber security solution might end up being the most important decision you ever make as the company continues to grow.

Spacial Computing

You’ve heard of virtual reality, and if you’re a bit geeky, you may have even heard of augmented reality. But have you heard of mixed reality? Mixed reality, a technology pioneered by a company called Magic Leap that has raised billions from investors like Google, Alibaba, and Andreessen Horowitz, is building what many believe is the future of human computer interaction.

Whichever technology ends up gaining traction, one thing is for sure, the days of the mouse and trackpad are long over.

The workflow as you know it will fundamentally change over the next few years and spatial computing is expected to lead the way.

Social and Web Technologies

It’s no secret social media has quickly become the most effective megaphone the world has ever known. What you might not realize though, is that these platforms are already playing a significant role in the employee recruitment process and will continue to increase in importance when it comes to all things communication, marketing, sales, and HR.

These are only some of the many technology trends that are expected to change the way we work, and that change is expected to happen in the very near future. Hold on tight, we are in for a very fast and exciting ride. Make sure you’re prepared!

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