Five Careers that Only Require an Associate’s Degree

Associate's Degree

You already know getting a degree is a great way to improve your career opportunities, potentially earn a higher salary, and learn new skills–but the time and money it takes to earn a bachelor’s degree may be intimidating. An associate’s degree can be a viable option! An associate’s degree takes two years or less, and often opens the door to exciting new job opportunities. Many associate’s degree holders go on to complete a bachelor’s degree and beyond. Here are five fields to consider as you think about your educational and career goals.

1. Digital Multimedia Designer

If you have an interest in designing websites, books, or newspapers, or always have creative ideas for advertisements or marketing campaigns, a career in multimedia design could be for you. After you successfully complete your associate’s degree program, you may qualify for entry-level positions in graphic design and web publishing. Whether you’d like to become an assistant art director, assistant web designer, digital photo processor, freelance media designer, production assistant, digital illustrator, and/or digital retoucher, the creative world is at your fingertips!

2. Human Services

With an Associate in Science in Human Services, you’ll have learned all about people: how they think, why they act the way they do, and how they grow and develop through life. 

At the completion of your program, you may apply for a position such as assistant clinical counselor, mental health/caseworker aide, or paraprofessional for agencies that provide social services (such as mental health services agencies, family support service community centers, rehabilitation centers, or day treatment program centers). Continuing on to a bachelor’s or graduate degree will open doors for you to work in a fulfilling career as a psychologist, social worker, counselor, or private therapist in adult and family services, services for those with developmental disabilities, addiction services, or child-and-youth services. 

3. Business Management

Always wanted to start your own business? Interested in a career in accounting, finance, management, or marketing? An associate’s degree will give you a solid understanding of the American business enterprise: You’ll hone your communication, teamwork, and research skills; will learn basic theories of economics like supply and demand; and will be trained in several computer business applications.

You’ll be prepared to move on to a bachelor’s in Business Management & Administration and/or move on to pursue a career as a junior accountant, banker, nonprofit administrator, marketer, advertiser, or financial analyst.

4. Information Technology (IT)

Someone who works in Information Technology (IT) ensures that all the computers in a network are secure, connected and working properly. Your courses will teach you about installing and upgrading computer programs, fixing technical computer issues (troubleshooting), managing the users who have access to the computer network, and incorporating programs that will keep these computers secure.

After completing your associate’s degree, you’ll be prepared to continue your education at the bachelor’s level or begin working as a computer technician, consultant, or network administrator in the IT department of a company, school, office, or other institution.

Want to become qualified for a higher-paying, more advanced position in IT? After receiving your bachelor’s, you may also continue your education to earn a master’s degree in IT.  

5. Web Programmer

Learn how to speak the language of the Internet. Java is a popular computer programming language. You’ll be trained in basic and advanced Java techniques, data structures, front-end languages, and web programming and development. Upon completion of your degree, will be eligible for positions as Java programmers and developers, with starting salaries from $35,000-45,000 going up to $80,000-90,000 after five years.

Earning your associate’s degree can lead to an exciting career, new opportunities, and professional and personal growth. Ready to get started? At Machon L’Parnasa, classes are small and individualized and provide personalized support every step of the way. Depending on the program you choose—certificate, associate’s degree, or both—our courses will train you to enter the workforce right away or prepare you for a more advanced degree. 

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